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A little over 12 years ago a young man was riding his bike and happened to bump into some of his favorite graffiti artists. He was hesitant to interrupt them from painting to ask for their autograph; as his encounters with other artists weren’t very positive.

But to his surprise they were approachable and took the time to chat and sign his hat with a marker - even though that young man was a “nobody”.

10+ years later I’ve gotten to know them on a personal level and I can testify that these are some of the most creative, professional and humble people you’ll find. Especially granted the fact they’ve literally been around the world countless times and have even been commissioned by royalty.

If your wondering about their credentials, let’s just say if your invited by the Smithsonian Institute to represent NY - you’re pretty good! They're also considered an authority in the graffiti art world. When a media outlet such as the NY Times need a perspective they go to TATS Cru.

Take a moment to look at their portfolio and you’ll instantly become a fan.

If your looking to impress your boss, commission them and perhaps you’ll even get a raise!

Written by: Mikey Colon

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Hey, thanks for writing in! We’re available during Eastern Standard Time business hours, Monday through Friday. If you prefer to email us: tatscru80@gmail.com We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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